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films with most oscars

38 Films With Most Oscars.

The Academy Awards (also known as the Oscars) are a long and proud tradition in Hollywood. People worldwide tune in to see which movies and actors will take home the coveted golden trophies.  In this article, I share some of the different ways...

vivien leigh movies

Best Movies of Vivien Leigh

Since childhood, my favorite female names have been Vivien and Scarlett. As you may have guessed, I am a big fan of the film Gone With Wind and Vivien Leigh.  But behind Vivien’s shoulders was not only this role; there were others...

18 Catchy Movie Songs.

Music and the picture on the screen are always a unique combination. Music can serve as an essential tool for uncovering the plot and fully reflecting the essence of the film. And sometimes, the soundtrack can be even better than the movie. I have...

tango movies

Top 9 Tango Scenes In Movies.

Did you know that December 11 is celebrated as International Day of Tango – the most romantic and passionate dance globally? Tango is not just the heat of feelings and passions in dance that fill human life but also an excellent remedy for...

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