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Melanie Wilkes Character Analysis. Lady from Gone with the Wind.

melanie wilkes character analysis
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As a big fan of Gone with the Wind novel and movie, I find it interesting to reflect on the characters in this story. Today, I will write Melanie Wilkes character analysis.

When meeting Melanie, we see a tiny, fragile creature with huge brown eyes that looks like a child in her mother’s dress.

This 17-year-old girl has always been in the shadow of the brilliant Vivien Leigh.

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Who played Melanie in Gone with the Wind? 

 Olivia de Havilland is best known as Melanie Hamilton in Gone with the Wind (1939). Her dark brown eyes and unsurpassed smile allowed the actress to play heroines whose gentle, modest, kind disposition opposes the negative hero.

Surprisingly, this role inscribed the actress’s name in the history of cinema in golden letters, which did not bring her the expected Oscar. That time, an Oscar for a supporting role was received by black actress Hattie McDaniel, who played Mammy wonderfully. I mentioned Gone with the Wind in article 38 movies with the most Oscars

But the audience fell in love with the heroine of Olivia de Havilland with all their hearts – her soft, all-forgiving, infinitely loving Melanie charmed viewers so much that they gave these qualities to the performer of the role herself.

However, this was a big mistake. Olivia de Havilland looked nothing like Melanie Wilkes in real life. On the contrary, she was highly purposeful, courageous, stubborn, and able to defend her interests firmly.

Let us get to know Melanie better.

melanie wilkes character analysis
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Melanie Wilkes personality.

So, Melanie Wilkes, nee Hamilton. I can say right away that I like her, unlike Scarlett.

At the very beginning of the story, Melanie Hamilton is described as a narrow-minded, not pretty, unremarkable, naive creature. It is worth noting that such a description is given from the point of view of Scarlett. The girl did not like her because she was jealous of Ashley Wilkes.

Of course, against the background of O’Hara, she did not look too beautiful and bright. But heroines like Miss Melly have a completely different charm – inner beauty.

And only later, this nature begins to reveal itself to us in its true form, and it becomes clear that Melanie is an extraordinary person, even somewhat rare.

So Melanie is calm, refined, educated, kind… and wise. Yes exactly. At the same time, many people are sure that she is naive, almost blissful, and unable to see anything bad in others. And with this, I strongly disagree.

Why do I say that Melanie is wise? For starters, she never idealized Scarlett. At first, she saw a child in her friend. If you remember, in the first half of the novel, she calls her all the time only as “my little girl.”

She perfectly understood that Scarlett was young, that she did not know life at all and did not particularly see anything in it, and therefore, did not condemn her for dancing at the charity bazaar. So instead, Melanie decides to ease her mourning and start a more open lifestyle. They go to work in the hospital for the same reason: not only to help the wounded but also to leave the house, ending their seclusion.

And then Melanie reveals even more. She takes money from Watling when everyone else, including the same Scarlett, advises her not to do this. And Melly was not afraid of condemnation. But, moreover, she very skillfully stopped them.

There was also a bright moment when Scarlett shot the Yankee. And it was here that Melanie demonstrated that she was not so simple, naive, and helpless. She did not fall into hysterics, did not condemn her friend, but ultimately calmly took the situation into her own hands and helped Scarlett hide the crime. It is not quite typical, for a proper naive lady, an act.

When Melanie recovered, she helped Scarlett in Tara as best she could with her abilities because she saw very well that Scarlett was “beating” alone. After all, Melanie did not condemn Scarlett for marriage to Frank Scarlett.

Melanie Wilkes character analysis
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Also, Miss Melly didn’t want to leave when Ashley was supposedly offered the job. Yes, because she knew her husband and perfectly understood that he was incapable of anything without the support of Scarlett and Melanie herself. 

Because the world in which Ashley was supposed to exist, where everything was adjusted and worked independently of him, and he could write poetry in the garden, under the oaks, collapsed. In the new reality, Ashley was useless. And Melanie, as a bright, wise woman, understood this very well. Plus, dying, she asked Scarlett to take care not only of her son but also of her husband because she knew that Ashley himself was incapable of it.

But one trait fascinates me the most in Melanie!

Miss Melly was happy and wanted everyone around her to be happy too, or at least satisfied with their fate. Therefore, she strove to see only the best aspects of a person and always spoke kindly about people.

For these sincere and direct impulses of her generous heart, everyone loved Melanie and involuntarily reached out to her. Who can remain insensitive to the charms of such a being, who knows how to discover positive character traits in others, of which their owner himself does not even suspect? Melanie had more girlfriends than any other woman in the city and more male friends.

The similarity between Scarlett’s mother and Melanie is interesting. Both women embody the mother, whose holiness is characterized by Christian perception. Both die so that the others may live. One becomes infected by a sick patient, and the other dies in childbirth.

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Did Ashley Wilkes love Melanie?

I already wrote more about the relationship between Ashley and Melanie in the article Gone with the Wind Ashley analysis.

Here I want to recall one point.

Did Melly love her husband?

I think she herself did not know the exact answer to this question. It’s just that she learned from an early age that she was going to marry Ashley because “The Wilkes always marry their cousins.” And she, like a true lady, accustomed herself to this thought. And when life showed that it was impossible to rely on him, duty for her was above all.

In addition, I truly believe that Ashley loved Melanie. She was like a cozy and loving nest for his wounded heart.

Melanie Wilkes character analysis
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How are Scarlett and Melanie different? 

For sure, Scarlett and Melanie have different sides, but they are also very similar. Scarlett and Melly are equally smart, determined, and true to their ideals and loved ones. They just have different ways of going through life. And I advise you to check out my Scarlett O’Hara character analysis to understand the second heroine better.

Melanie and Scarlett are inseparable. The whole plot is completed on the similarities and opposites of these selfless, strong, and brave women in their way.

Melanie sincerely loved and admired Scarlett, as Scarlett later realized for the fact that they were “of the same blood” with her. Despite rose-colored glasses and sweetness, Melanie has the same titanic core inside, and they are like two sisters. Two giants pulled everyone around on themselves, being strong in different ways.

When Melanie died, Scarlett felt that her most loved sister had died.

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Did Melanie know about Scarlett and Ashley?

So, did Melanie know that Scarlett pursued her husband with her love for a long time and that he reciprocated her occasionally due to his weakness?

There are two points of view: yes and no. I’m leaning toward the version that Melanie knew.

She wasn’t a fool, and she knew about Scarlet’s feelings. But Melly understands better than Scarlet and Ashley themselves that they really do not love each other and do not fit together, that one is just a passion, and the other is a beautiful illusion.

Melanie thought Scarlett would be happy with Rhett Butler. But it is another complicated story.

melanie wilkes character analysis
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In conclusion, I want to say that Melanie Wilks is an extraordinary heroine. She is a candle that gives warmth and light to those around her.

How do you feel about Miss Melly?

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  • Hi – as a fan of Gone with the Wind also – I really enjoyed this article. Ms Melly was no wallflower that’s for sure – I believe she was just duty bound.

    Thanks for sharing, I look forward to reading more in your series!

  • Gone with the wing – I grew up with this on repeat thanks to my sister. I was never a fan but I can remember Melanie well! She was very much a wallflower looking back!

  • I need to rewatch Gone With the Wind, it’s been forever! I know a bit about Vivien Leigh but I am ashamed to say, not much about Melanie Wilkes.

  • I am not sure I’ve ever seen the movie. I think I may have read the book when I was young. But I don’t remember either! This is such a great classic – your analysis is inspiring me to read the book.

  • Your character analysis of Melanie Wilkes is insightful. It delves deep into her role in “Gone with the Wind,” highlighting her strength and kindness. Your analysis captures her essence, making me appreciate her character even more. Well done!

  • I have read and watched Gone with the Wind and love all of the characters. Melanie is definitely a sweet, gentle soul, and I think she admired Scarlett’s strength and tenacity.

  • This is a really great and very thorough character analysis. She sounds like a really nice character thanks for sharing this with us

  • I completely agree with you about Melanie Wilkes. Melanie is an endearing character with a kind and wise heart. She stands out from Scarlett by being selfless and putting the needs of others before her own. Melanie is a guiding light for Scarlett, showing her the importance of compassion and generosity. It’s fascinating to see how their relationship evolves throughout the story and how they complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on these complex and fascinating characters. Also, I’ll definitely check out your Scarlett O’Hara character analysis to gain further insights into this iconic heroine.

  • We plan to watch this movie soon (hopefully our kid have stamina for long movie). I think I’m liking this character already!!

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I`m in love with movies and psychology. Here I write how we can use movies for healing and self-growth. Also, be sure to check out my movie lists. You will find cool suggestions for movie night.

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