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Proven Cinema Therapy Benefits For Couples to Strengthen Your Marriage.

cinema therapy for couples
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Many couples feel disconnected after a while, and the routine makes the relationship boring and monotonous. 

To fix this, you can start watching various films and TV shows together to bring you as close as possible.

Today I want to tell you about the benefits of cinema therapy for couples at home and how to choose a suitable film for your movie night.

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Should couples watch movies together?

Scientists have done interesting research on how movies help couples strengthen their relationships.

It was found that watching films can replace visiting a family psychologist. Furthermore, according to statistics, most strong couples who constantly watched various movies together had a reduced likelihood of divorce.

The divorce rate among partners who watched movies with some frequency was about 15 percent, while among couples who did not, the percentage increased to 20.

Cinema therapy benefits for couples at home.

You feel different emotions.

Choose content that will evoke a wide range of emotions. The attraction of people to each other is largely tied to feelings. Those who have gone through many emotional ups and downs together are more likely to bond with each other.

The fact is that emotions for the brain are akin to life experience, so it seems as if you have known a person for much longer.

Shared experiences help to power a marriage. Scientists believe that in this way, people get to know each other better because cinema is often similar to real life – the same thing happens there.

cinema therapy for couples at home
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You develop empathy.

Watch shows with characters you can empathize with. The fact is that when you watch the characters who live and communicate on the screen, there is a certain involvement as if you are being introduced to the company of new friends. You grow with them: their problems and victories become yours.

You seem to have another family. Now you and your partner are going on an emotional journey, bonding more with each other.

But if the characters are too unrealistic, it will be difficult for you to empathize with them.

You communicate more with your spouse.

React to what’s happening on the screen. Again, this is human psychology; we all need interactions with other people.

Express emotions through facial expressions and body language. Criticize characters, create discussions, and topics for discussion. It is much more interesting to jointly feel everything shown on the monitor and talk about it. That is the point of watching something together.

I hope these interesting film discussion questions will help your conversation.

movie therapy for couples
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Another opportunity to cuddle and spend the evening together.

Touch your partner, and create comfort and intimacy in interactions. It will allow you to completely relax and go into the virtual world, occasionally discussing some points. 

The difference between two friends and a romantic couple is that the former use much less touch.

Making virtual friends.

Also, watching movies together will help couples who have few friends. 

Connecting with characters in a TV show or movie can give a couple a sense of belonging, even if they don’t have enough mutual friends in real life.

But this has another side – the inevitable sadness after the end of your favorite show. Please read my article 7 Reasons You Feel Sad When Your TV Show Ends to know how to help yourself in this case.

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Tips for movie night for couples at home.

I already have a good article about organizing a romantic movie night at home.

In addition, I want to note that to strengthen relations in a couple, the choice of a film plays a more significant role than in a movie date between lovers.

Here are some thoughts on this.

How to choose film for movie therapy

1# It’s better to watch TV series than movies. They last longer, allowing you to immerse yourself in an imaginary world for a long time. 

And the longer people experience events together, the closer they become; this is how the psychology of relationships works.

Series also create an everyday habit. People want to watch the new series as soon as possible. 

2# Melodramas are the second best type of movie for strengthening love. These pictures will help us to understand each other better. 

In addition, you can see the other couple’s relationship from the side. Sometimes it is eyes opening!

3# It would be great if the movie reflects the problems of a particular family. 

For example, if someone is faced with the problem of communicating with the second half, then films with such a theme will be beneficial. If there were betrayals, then you can watch a movie about betrayals. 

In any case, melodramas help people strengthen love. The main thing is not the viewing itself but the discussion of the film after it.

4# Documentaries, cartoons, and comedies are the worst choice in this case. Dramas, horror, thrillers, and action movies are similar.

You can still watch these genres if you want to spend some time with your loved one under a blanket. 

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Many couples admit that watching movies together makes them more energetic and happy. Films also help treat sadness, anxiety, nervousness, and irritability.

In turn, I can say that watching TV shows and romantic films strengthened my relationship with my husband at the most challenging moment.

One of our favorite movies is When Harry met Sally.

I wish you enjoy each other’s company and a good movie more often! Feel free to ask me any questions in the comments below.

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I`m in love with movies and psychology. Here I write how we can use movies for healing and self-growth. Also, be sure to check out my movie lists. You will find cool suggestions for movie night.

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  • I was in a long distance relationship for a year and a half, and though we were not seated side by side watching films, I can attest to the benefit of cinema therapy. The point of communication is especially true, as we would talk about the movie afterwards and dive into each others thoughts.

  • I love having movie nights! Although, my husband and I are now watching The Office again, lol. We’ll get back to movies again, soon!

  • This is actually true though I had no idea there is such a term as cinema therapy. My husband and I bond over movies and I believe it helps us in terms of communication. It is also a good opportunity to just cuddle and chill. A perfect way to relax and rest.

  • So often when I watch television with my husband I forget to make the most of our time together. Will try out some of the tips in this article during our next movie night!

  • Watching TV shows and movies together is a great way to get more connected. You’re both in the same world and you have something to talk about.

  • Oh, wow! I’ve never thought about it before, but watching TV really is a great way to connect. When we watch it together, we’re right there together. It’s a great opportunity to bond over it.

  • I love this and my husband and I do movie night almost every weekend. We have such a good time doing this and it’s a great way to bond.

  • I first heard of movie therapy benefits in group therapy, and I’m a big advocate. The link for questions for movie discussion is a fabulous resource. I appreciate it and I will use it for our marriage. Thanks!

  • You make a lot of excellent points about why watching movies together can be a great bonding exercise for couples. I know my husband and I always enjoy watching movies together.

  • I love a good movie night! Making this into a special moment or event is such a great idea! I can’t wait to give some of these tips a try for my husband and I!

  • I love watching movies with my husband. But you’re right that we all experience different emotions while watching.

  • From the time we hot married, we have watched à movie à night. I compile à list of watchables from what’s available and higher Rotten Tomatoes ratings, then he ranks them and we watch according to the rankings. Then we do it all over again.

  • Although my husband rarely watches movies and TV shows, we both enjoy spending our time watching the movies that he finds interesting. Hence, I let him choose what he wants to watch, and I go with the flow.
    It is a great way to spend quiet time together. And a cheaper date night idea!

  • Your insightful post on Cinema Therapy benefits for couples is commendable. The evidence-based approach highlights how shared cinematic experiences can strengthen marriages. Well-written and valuable information.

  • This is an interesting read and I agree with you that watching movies together allow me and my husband to communicate more and yes, it’s a great opportunity to cuddle and just spend time together.

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I`m in love with movies and psychology. Here I write how we can use movies for healing and self-growth. Also, be sure to check out my movie lists. You will find cool suggestions for movie night.

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