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9 Lessons From The Movie Joy To Achieve Your Dreams.

What can we learn from Joy movie
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If your business has reached a dead end, things are not going well, or you are consumed by depression, the film Joy will bring you back to life. It is the story of the rise of famous American entrepreneur Joy Mangano. This movie can easily be called a mini-guide to achieving your dreams.

In this blog post, I share nine lessons I learned from Joy movie to change my life. But let’s first get to know our heroine better.

What can we learn from Joy movie
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Joy Mangano movie character.

As a child, Joy was an imaginative girl. She skillfully manipulated the paper, making different shapes while telling a story. Everyone admired her, foreshadowing a happy future and career. But overnight, a divorce in the family led to a complete collapse. And only one grandmother, Mimi, believed that Joy’s talent should not perish due to life circumstances.

Time passed, and Joy became a single mother. The burden of responsibility for her children, home, and mother fell on her. In addition, Joy’s ex-husband, Tony, lived in the house’s basement.

Amid all this nightmare, one day, Joy had a dream where she saw herself as a little girl and called on her to change her life. She comes up with the idea of creating a self-squeezing miracle mop, and the girl gives up all her strength and means to make her dream come true.

Now, her creation is ready, but she needs to sell it. The first attempts are unsuccessful, but Joy does not give up and continues to look for ways. When the financial situation becomes unfortunate, the heroine takes out another mortgage to save the situation. It is absolutely the last chance…

I think Joy is a perfect example of how a woman sheds her good girl mask and embraces her shadow. She finally accepts her qualities, which she had previously repressed – rigidity, perseverance, pressure, pushing through her selfishness, upholding and protecting herself, going into conflicts, choosing herself, and permission to succeed and win.

And no, she didn’t become a cold lady! She also takes care of her infantile mother and father, and she is friends with her ex-husband. She remains herself – feeling, responsive, soft, honest, and now her desires come first. And it is right.

 I want to mention an exciting detail – her hopeless ex-husband finally grew up when Joy told him to move out of her house. He found his strengths and became a faithful adviser and friend to Joy. 

As an adult, it’s not easy to admit that you’ve lived half your life in a mask and in fear that someone will discover you have a shadow. The beauty of appropriating your shadow is that you no longer have to be afraid that someone will find out about it. It is a time to be yourself!

So, let’s see what helped Joy overcome her crisis and realize her dream.

What can we learn from Joy movie
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What can we learn from Joy movie?

Accept a sad reality.

When Joy was horrified by how much time she wasted ( 17 years!), this became the starting point of her growth. The personal crisis did her good. 

Accept inner power and your dreams.

In our psyche, there is a core that guides us through life. As a little chest, this core hides our strong qualities, talents, thirst for creativity, and dreams.

The heart guides Joy to gain her hidden talents and energy. As a child, Joy created things from simple pieces of paper. Her “route of life” was formed through these seemingly meaningless games.

How about your little chest? Do you remember what fascinated you as a child? What did you fantasize about as a child? What are the most unusual dreams you have had in your head?

Work on healthy personal boundaries and pass on imposed responsibility.

It is a necessary step not only for those who want to achieve their dreams or create their own business but also for everyone who wants to be happy.

The lack of personal boundaries and the need for praise led Joy to the fact that she shouldered all the responsibilities on her shoulders. She was ready to work at night and be a plumber. During a personal crisis, the girl begins to listen to herself and stops being patient.

When we have boundaries and our own opinion, the energy to do something good immediately appears. Hidden energy with creativity becomes a healthy lifestyle, business, active life, and everything you dream of.

joy movie scene
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Stand up for your opinion.

Finally, Joy saw and accepted the aggression in herself and mastered the use of it. In the film, you will notice how the heroine learned to defend her opinion and firmly discuss her needs. She became her own best friend and support.

It is essential if you are going towards your dream. People will always try to lead you astray and discourage you from developing. You need to be firm. Remember – confidence is contagious! Believe in yourself and your idea first, recognize your talent and creativity, and you have a chance to convince the whole world of it.

Don’t be afraid of failure. 

The path to haste is not a smooth and smooth road. There are equal successes and failures. We are accustomed to perceiving failures as something negative. In fact, this is a great experience that changes a person and gives him new opportunities.

Here are three examples from Joy movie.

1 She couldn’t sell her mops through the store. No owner would give her a place to trade. And as a result, Joy found a TV store. 

2 The actor initially assigned to advertise mops ruined the first show. As a result, Joy personally organized the show. She became a famous and confident woman.

3 Joy faced deception, an attempt to appropriate her invention, to cheat her out of money. As a result, she understood how to work with business sharks and learned to control herself in it.

What entrepreneurs can learn from the movie Joy
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What entrepreneurs can learn from the movie Joy? Four main ideas. 

Don’t ignore the little things.

You can find slight disdain in many reviews of the film Joy: just think of the achievement – the lady invented the mop! What great thing can happen here?! But at the beginning of 2023, Joy Mangano’s estimated net worth is around $80 million.

Too often, people don’t take action because they are looking for the big idea. But the world needs different things, both big and small. People are looking for something to make their lives more comfortable and efficient. So you shouldn’t neglect various little things. They can also bring success.

Act fast. Don’t lose your idea! 

Ideas are literally in the air and can occur to many people simultaneously. That’s why we need to hurry. It is crucial to patent your idea immediately. And if you don’t announce your idea in time, someone else will copyright it, which will be similar to yours. After that, your idea is no longer viable.

It also happened with Joy. Remember that she made her first invention as a teenager. She worked part-time at a veterinary clinic and came up with the fluorescent flea collar. However, her family did not patent this idea in time. A year later, a similar product appeared on the market, and others produced it. Now you can see for yourself how popular these collars are.

New things are hard to promote.

Unfortunately, this is the truth. Psychologists have proven that people are conservative by nature. They treat everything new with caution and prejudice. First, people prefer to avoid innovation because it requires them to change their usual behavior. The old, even worse, is still dearer to them.

The easiest way to avoid strong resistance from the masses is to organically weave something new into a person’s usual experience, requiring minimal effort. It is something worth thinking about.

It is not enough to start a business. You must keep it.

It is a known point, but it still needs to be reminded. Naive, gullible people will not be able to survive among business sharks. There will be many people around them who will be eager to take advantage of the newcomer’s inexperience and profit from it.

To achieve success, a person needs to change many things in himself, become less over-trusting, and develop intuition and inner strength. Like professional sports, business has its “rules of the game.” Anyone who aspires to big business should know them. Moreover, they must be internally consistent.

For example, success came to Joy only after she understood these strict game rules, accepted them, and changed internally.


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What can we learn from Joy movie
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Final words.

The real Joy Mangano did not break, and after overcoming many difficulties, she realized her dream and created many other inventions. In my opinion, the film about her journey was beautifully shot. It is inspiring, exciting, and very educational. The only thing that separates a loser from a winner is the number of attempts! 

Did you watch this movie? Share your impressions.

Share this blog post if you enjoyed it. I would appreciate it!

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I`m in love with movies and psychology. Here I write how we can use movies for healing and self-growth. Also, be sure to check out my movie lists. You will find cool suggestions for movie night.

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  • I just watched the trailer and saved this movie in my watchlist on Amazon. Thanks for the review of Joy. I love finding good movies to watch when I want to relax.

  • Many important lessons here, but the standout to me is the difficulty in selling people on a new product. People will resist, because they either don’t see the need or can’t believe it will work as promised and deliver real benefit. You have to persist!

  • Thank you for the introduction to the movie. This is my first to hear of it. It sounds relatable in a lot of ways.

  • The joy movie looks like something I will want to watch next. Thank you for going into the themes of self-acceptance. I love that there is a meaningful message for entrepreneurial spirits!

  • Great insights! Your breakdown of lessons from “Joy” is truly inspiring. The way you simplified the messages makes it easy to grasp. I love how you emphasized the importance of resilience and innovation. Your positive tone encourages readers to pursue their dreams with determination. Fantastic job capturing the essence of the movie’s wisdom in such a relatable manner. Keep spreading motivation!

  • Your thoughts on resilience and chasing dreams hit home. Feels like we just had a cozy movie chat – looking forward to more on your blog!

  • Wow! I think I need to watch this. I am feeling a little down lately and could really use a pick-me-up.

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful review. It definitely has a beautiful message.

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I`m in love with movies and psychology. Here I write how we can use movies for healing and self-growth. Also, be sure to check out my movie lists. You will find cool suggestions for movie night.

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