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12 Movies About Female Entrepreneurs for Every Taste.

movies about female entrepreneurs
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An alternative to the fairy tale about Cinderella is movies about female entrepreneurs. They are self-confident women who build a career despite circumstances, the skepticism of others, and the absence of fairy godmothers. 

The heroines must work twice as hard, proving their right to be in the originally “male” world, and often combining personal life, household, and motherhood with work.

Movies show how difficult it is, but the characters do it, causing the audience’s admiration.

Today I have selected the most interesting films about female leads.

Movies about successful businesswomen.

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Like a Boss, 2020.

Calm and sensible Mia is the best friend of energetic and emotional Mel. They complement each other and share all their sorrows and joys as the young ladies run a joint and quite successful business.

But there comes a time when luck turns away from the girls, and the cosmetics company they founded goes to the bottom. Salvation comes in the form of a tough businesswoman, Claire Luna, who is ready to pay off Mal and Mia’s debts for a share in their business. But will her friends like what she demands in return?

It is a film about a female solid friendship and trust in each other, but unfortunately, with a predictable plot. Finally, the picture will answer whether building a successful business with a friend is possible.

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Molly`s Game, 2017.

Based on a true story, the picture tells the story of Molly Bloom, a former failed athlete and current poker queen.

The wealthiest people in the world play at her table, from actors to the Russian mafia. So she plunged into the world of high stakes, constant risk, and drugs, and everything was going fine until the FBI became interested in her.

Naturally, the lucky businesswoman is not a saint and paid a high price for her rise to fame and fortune. A complete renunciation of personal life forges success, other people’s betrayals, and drug addiction.

It is a beautiful drama about a dangerous business.

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The Boss, 2016.

The beginning of Michelle Darnell’s life path was not conducive to success. However, the orphan who replaced several adoptive parents made a dizzying career and entered the country’s wealthiest citizens list.

At the same time, Michelle did not always use legal methods, which is why she once ended up in prison. She lost everything at once, but it was not her first time starting from scratch. Will the entrepreneur be able to return the disposition of the deceived people and her former life in a bizarre way?

The Boss has a classic dilemma for a movie like this: corporate versus family values. Family prevails, and the morality that Melissa McCarthy is trying to convey to us is indecently simple. Everyone needs a family.

Also, in this movie, you will find a checklist of what to do when you need to start your business over again. 

movies about female entrepreneurs
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Joy, 2015.

From childhood, Joy showed a talent for invention and dreamed of a great future. But as an adult, she married unsuccessfully and got a job she didn’t like. As a result, she lives under the same roof with her divorced parents and ex-husband, brings up children, suffers humiliation from her older sister, and works for a penny.

After being fired, Joy realizes she no longer wants to live like this. Resourcefulness and chance helped her develop a unique product – a miracle mop that does not need to be wrung out by hand. With this invention, the Mangano business dynasty begins.

The film Joy is the story of the rise of the famous American businesswoman Joy Mangano. This film can be safely called a mini-guide to business. In a relatively short story, there are answers to the main questions that concern aspiring entrepreneurs: How to stake out your idea correctly? Where to begin? How to overcome failures and achieve business success? How to behave with competitors?

I already mentioned Joy in the list of my favorite 19  movies about life purpose based on a true story

movies about female entrepreneurs
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The Intern, 2015.

A comedy film about how even a successful lady in business sometimes needs wise advice and sincere participation. Young and spectacular Jules Austin is the creator of an online clothing store. Her motto is to work everywhere and every minute, free from the family.

When 70-year-old retired widower Ben Whitaker joins the company as an intern, the youth team is surprised and amused. But gradually, the trainee with his old-fashioned values becomes necessary for young employees and their boss.

He will help Jules correctly prioritize in life and at work, becoming a good friend and “guardian angel.”

That’s how inadvertently, by chance, two personalities met, one with incredible life experiences and values and the other with a sincere desire to do something useful and develop what she loves.

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L’Âge de raison, 2010.

The plots of films about strong women who were able to succeed in business show what the heroines had to give up. This French melodrama was no exception.

The life of a successful businesswoman, Margot Flor, is scheduled six months ahead and does not involve surprises. However, the appearance of the old notary was a real surprise for Margot. And the letters he brought to Margot, written in childhood, forced her to reconsider her orderly life and recall past dreams.

I think it is a very relevant topic for our time. All around are people in business who have forgotten their zest people and have become the same, pretentious and boring.

This film is like a reminder that, even in the most prestigious status, you can remain yourself. It is so important!

It is one of the pictures about female entrepreneurs for family movie night, kind and instructive.

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Coco avant Chanel, 2009.

Motivational story of becoming one of the most famous businesswomen – the great Coco before the name of Chanel thundered worldwide.

An orphanage pupil, Gabrielle, earned money by sewing and singing, showing a solid and independent character early. Then, in a local cafeteria, she acquired the famous nickname and favor of Baron Balzan, who brought the girl into the world.

The opening of a hat shop in 1910 marked the beginning of Coco Chanel’s fashion empire and her worldwide fame. But what did it cost the novice fashion designer?

Luxurious landscapes, sunny, autumn, winter. Magnificent the residence of Etienne Balzan, cabaret ‘Moulin’, sewing workshops. The costumes are a real gem: everyone wants to examine and touch them in detail. The ‘avantChanel’ era is perfectly recreated!

It is an excellent movie about the way to your business.

movies about female entrepreneurs
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It’s a Free World2007.

One day, being fired, Angie decides to open her own business. From the beginning, she goes dishonestly, engaging in economic activity without registration, because she can no longer hunchback on someone else’s uncle! 

Enticing migrants to her, she arranges them for a pittance in factories, performing, in addition to an intermediary function, also an accounting one. Money flows like a river, and gradually new opportunities to increase profits appear, some more dishonorable than others. Before our eyes, a single mother turns into a seasoned mafia who pays for sins but does not cry. She moves on.

The director exposes the selfishness of the main character on the one hand and shows how a person becomes a commodity, a bargaining chip in the hands of ‘small’ and ‘big’ bosses on the other hand. Forgetting everything sacred, Angie rushes into the stream of broken promises, lies, and hypocrisy.

It turns out the business could be different. Nevertheless, it is an excellent example of an edgy social film.

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Sacred Heart, 2005.

It is an Italian drama about a tough businesswoman, Irene, who runs the family business to the detriment of simple human joys. The tragic loss of friends and an unexpected incident make the heroine show her humanity. 

This event marked the beginning of a strange friendship between a businesswoman and a street girl, but will such dissimilar friends want and be able to change and start a new life?

The picture will be especially understandable and close to the viewer, delving into the spiritual meaning of the teachings of Christ. And subtle allusions to church dogmas and Catholic traditions only emotionally decorate it.

In general, if you are still looking for a deep, meaningful film, then I definitely recommend watching it.

movies about female entrepreneurs
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Martha, Inc.: The Story of Martha Stewart, 2003.

American television star Martha Stewart made her name and fortune in housekeeping. A poor girl from an immigrant family, the future businesswoman began her path to success by selling homemade baked goods. From childhood, she showed perseverance and the ability to step over loved ones. 

The culinary magazine she published was continued in a TV show, and the editorial office grew into a media holding. The ideal hostess on the screen, motivating millions of women behind the scenes, Marta was not so sweet and honest, for which life severely punished her.

This film shows us that something can work out only with such challenging character traits, perseverance, arrogance, and the horse’s hard work. However, the film does not embellish the real story, showing Marta’s difficulty.

In any case, the film contributes to developing motivation for a career. The work is good.

movies about female entrepreneurs
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Sunshine Cleaning, 2008.

Rose is a former high school star and cheerleader who works for a cleaning company. The girl lives in a small shabby apartment and raises her son alone. 

When he is once again expelled from a regular school, Rose decides to enroll him in a private one. But there is no money. The slightly eccentric and wayward sister Nora comes to the rescue – together, they open a small company called Cleaning to Shine, cleaning filthy crime scenes.

Dreams are far behind. And the chance to improve their financial condition did not turn out to be winning the lottery at all. Cleaning up crime scenes isn’t exactly fun.

The film can be described as a life drama, life-affirming in some places, and tragic. Sunshine Cleaning lacks Hollywood charm and finesse – it shows a one-story America with simple problems – creating a sense of realism in what is happening.

Business is different.

movies about female entrepreneurs
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The Bookshop, 2017.

Behind the name, “Bookshop” is a film adaptation of Penelope Fitzgerald’s novel.

Events occur in the late 60s when Emily Mortimer, a young widow, and bibliophile, decides to buy a small plot of land with the Old House to open a bookstore in this house, the only one in Hardborough. A woman opens a bookstore in defiance of the town’s residents, shocking local conservatives with radical literature like Lolita and Fahrenheit 451.

Emily finds her only support in a book lover, elderly and withdrawn from the world, a widower, Mr. Brandish. Schoolgirl Kristina gets a part-time job in a bookstore. She doesn’t read books at all but likes to appear intelligent.

We see the life story of a middle-aged sweet, kind woman who loves to read and wants others to read and read good books.

This story is not only about a woman who wanted to open a bookstore. Bookshop movie is about the fact that bookstores and public libraries are needed by humanity much more than some symbolic benefits of civilization.

Bookshop reminds me of other great movies, Chocolat and The Dressmaker. There you will see two great examples of female entrepreneurs.

It is a perfect example of how a business can be a natural extension of a person.

movies about female entrepreneurs
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Baby Boom, 1987.

J.C. Waitt can’t even think of devoting himself to family responsibilities, let alone having a baby. She has a promising career and doesn’t even have time for a wedding. J.C. is said to have married her job, but as a relative, she has to care for a sweet little girl who lost her parents in the accident.

She would love to give the baby away since she has no time to deal with a girl. But Baby Boom is a kind family tale that tells about the best sides of people who, ultimately, know how to change for those they love.

How would you behave if you have a little girl who constantly needs attention, a catastrophic lack of money, and the house you had to move into begins to fall apart right before your eyes?

But this black streak in JC’s life goes away when she suddenly becomes a sensation in the baby food market, having come up with an exclusive product for babies. And a lovely doctor is ready to lend a helping hand to her.

It is a good fairy tale about a business lady.

movies about female entrepreneurs 
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Final words.

Uff, it was a long movie list. I hope you found great new films to watch about.

If you know more movies about female entrepreneurs and stylish lady bosses, tell me down below in the comments.

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I`m in love with movies and psychology. Here I write how we can use movies for healing and self-growth. Also, be sure to check out my movie lists. You will find cool suggestions for movie night.

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  • OMG!! YES, I need to watch more movies like this. I think it is to have representation in media, and seeing female solid entrepreneurs on screen can significantly impact women’s confidence and self-worth, especially for our daughters. As someone who has always been interested in entrepreneurship, I found it inspiring to watch these women navigate the challenges of starting and running their own businesses. The grit, resilience, and perseverance they demonstrated in the face of adversity are truly admirable.

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  • These are really great suggestions for movies about female entrepreneurs. I’ll be adding some of these to my must see movies soon!

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I`m in love with movies and psychology. Here I write how we can use movies for healing and self-growth. Also, be sure to check out my movie lists. You will find cool suggestions for movie night.

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