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11 Creepy Movies About Witches.

scary movies about witches
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Witches are fallen women who made a deal with dark forces; in return, their souls received supernatural powers. Everyone was afraid of them but also asked for their help in case of illness, crop failure, or a love spell.

It is known that witches could command the natural elements and animals. They could turn into other creatures and inanimate objects; they flew to the Sabbath, where they performed collective black rites.

The witch could not die without transferring her gift curse to another person, and she could be killed by sticking a stake in her heart.

And unsurprisingly, witches have received much attention in the cinema.

In this collection, I gathered scary movies about witches that reveal this topic differently. You will find here thrillers, horror, and mysticism films.

By the way, there are interesting benefits of watching horror movies.

Hair-raising witch movies list.

Salem Witch Trials, 2002

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IMDb 6.0 Directed by Joseph Sargent, stars Kirstie Alley, Gloria Reuben and Henry Czerny.

It is an exciting film based on actual events that took place from February 1692 to May 1693.

A famous lawsuit accused the men and women of the town of Salem of witchcraft.

By the end of the Salem trial, about 200 people were in prison, 19 of whom were executed, one died from torture, and several more died during imprisonment.

This plot has been worrying filmmakers for a long time. But the 2002 film most fully conveys the tragedy and horror of what happened many centuries ago.

Season of the Witch, 2011

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IMDb 5.4 Directed by Dominic Sent, starring Nicolas Cage, Claire Foy, Ron Perlman

XIV century. A plague is raging in Europe. A defenseless girl is recognized as the culprit of a deadly misfortune, suspecting her of witchcraft. The dying cardinal asks the knight Bamen to take the witch to a distant abbey, where her spell must be broken.

Six riders and a wagon with an iron cage, in which the accused is imprisoned, set off on a dangerous journey.

From the first frames, it became clear that the director approached his creation very carefully. From the first episodes, the viewer is immersed in the dark abyss of the epidemic. The land devastated by the ‘black death’; crusades and noble knights; superstitious and God-fearing population; the church’s dominance; witches and practical magic… 

All this creates an unsettling and chilling atmosphere. But, on the other hand, the battle scenes look majestic and impressive. And even though there are not so many special effects, the film seems voluminous and epoch-making.

The ending also made me very happy.

Penny Dreadful 2014-2016

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IMDb 8.2 Directed by John Logan, stars Josh Hartnett, Timothy Dalton and Eva Green.

England during the reign of Queen Victoria, luxurious interiors and beautiful dresses are perfectly reflected in the television series Penny Dreadful.

Not very scary but very interesting. It is a detective story about the fight against unknown creatures conducted by a group of ‘researchers’ in London at the end of the 19th century. Here you will meet vampires, werewolves, and witches.

Excellent costumes, decorations, and effects make this product one more point.

In general, the series will delight all fans of the genre. The share of horrors, riddles, and all this is seasoned with top-class actors.

The VVitch: A New-England Folktale, 2015

scary movies about witches
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IMDb 6.9. Director Robert Eggers, starring Ralph Ineson, Anya Taylor-Joy, Kate Dickie

1630. A family of settlers from New England is expelled from the Protestant community. They are forced to settle on the outskirts. The harvest failed, and their future fate is in question … One day, Thomasin, the eldest daughter, discovers that the newborn brother, whom she should look after, has disappeared without a trace.

It looks like immersion in the world of this film. It’s cold, creepy, and alarming. Fear splashes at the edge of consciousness – one more drop will overwhelm your head.

The picture is very dark. The Sun seems to have long forgotten the way here, and the dirty gray sky, like an inverted trough, has forever hidden the cursed forest under itself.

Unlike enchanting shows that turn the ancient art of witchcraft into circus performances and the witches themselves into painted freaks, this tape sends us straight to the real witches’ lands.

Hagazussa: A Heathen’s Curse, 2017 

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IMDb 5.7. Directed by Lukas Feigelferd, starring Celina Peter, Aleksandra Cwen, C;audia Martini

Gloomy Germany, witches and the 15th century. A lingering story from the life of the villagers. Mother and daughter live in the forest far from the village. Some locals are afraid of them and consider them witches. Then, one day, the mother falls ill with a strange disease.

Here are a minimum of dialogues, a maximum of forest locations filmed very talentedly, plus music that suits the emptiness of the narrative. Now, the viewer’s head will be finalized, screwed up to someone where it is necessary to screw it up.

Chaos lurking in the female essence, the demonization of a woman as a source of evil, the aestheticization of misogyny, and matriarchy as the basis of the universe are the most exciting topics for cinema. And nowhere is she explored as deeply as in this film, where the characters barely speak.

Awesome movie. Slow shots verified to the last millimeter of timing. Insanely atmospheric soundtrack. Simple and natural acting. Nothing extra. Minimum means maximum expressiveness.

Ignore the heavy metal poster. There is nothing like that in the movie.

The Blair Witch Project 1999

scary movies about witches
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IMDb 6.5. Directed by Daniel Myrick and Eduardo Sanchez, stars Heather Donahue, Michael C.Williams and Joshua Leonard

In October 1994, three film students disappeared into the woods of Maryland while filming a documentary. A year later, the material they filmed was found.

They came to the forest in the Black Hills to make a documentary about a local legend – the Blair Witch, who tortured and killed everyone who wandered into her domain. The legend speaks of an age-old curse, ritual murders of children, sinister artifacts, and supernatural phenomena. 

But they no sooner had the students, armed with a 16mm camera, going deeper into the forest than they were hopelessly lost. An invisible evil is gathering around them.

The creators of the film The Blair Witch Project made the viewer worry about the characters and fear for themselves.

The atmosphere of the film is still well-generated by the forest. Therefore, it is not in vain that the actions take place in autumn because it is in fall that the forest looks so gray, gloomy, ugly, damp, and unfriendly.

It is one of those few films whose success is because the creators did not have enough money. By the way, there is no musical arrangement (original score) in the film (except for the credits).

The Crucible, 1996

scary movies about witches
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IMDb 6.8. Director Nicholas Hytner, starring Daniel Day-Lewis, Winona Ryder and Paul Scofield.

It is another movie about Salem’s tragic story. 

People were puppets in the hands of the church and the courts. The filmmakers tried to figure out what happened at the end of the 17th century in Salem, Massachusetts, based on playwright Arthur Miller’s play The Crucible.

Faith in the Devil and the thirst to expose his servants greatly devour the town’s inhabitants. They are ready to execute everyone indiscriminately, believing in God’s judgment, not realizing that they are sinning even more terribly. And when they are completely confused in their testimony and faith, it’s already too late.

Everything seems clear about the film anyway – the girls, exposed to witchcraft in the forest, pretend that these are all the intrigues of the Devil. Then, like mad, they accuse people of conspiring with the Devil along the chain. It is not difficult to understand that those people who hate or interfere with them receive more accusations.

A judge storms these accusations from Boston with assistants. They impeccably believe all the words of girls, even the most delusional. A witch hunt begins, and people accuse each other, some out of envy of the neighbor’s larger land, some out of hatred from ancient times. And the further it goes, the more passionate people become. They don’t have a sober mind at all.

But Arthur Miller (Best Adapted Screenplay nominee for ‘The Crucible’) focused mainly on the dramatic references that led to the loud process.

The Crucible is pretty heavy. There is no place for joy there, only a place for reflection and confidence that it is good that we do not live in an age when they could easily be sent to the gallows for not attending church.

The Wretched, 2019

scary movies about witches
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IMDb 5.8. Directed by Brett Pierce and Drew T. Pierce, stars John-Paul Howard, Piper Curda and Jamison Jones

According to the story, in a small godforsaken town, one night, time turned back, awakening the original evil. The main characters, Ben and Mallory, who love to spy on their neighbors, notice they seem to have been replaced.

Filmed for a penny, the inventive indie horror of the Pierce brothers can surprise more than once.

The multi-genre structure is one of the main advantages of the film, plus Shyamalan’s final plot twist, which will make you watch the movie again, but with entirely different optics.

The directors did a decent job on the visual part of their story, making it as attractive and attractively sinister as possible. The film location is a remote town spread near water and a large forest. The houses do not stand close to each other, and between them, there is a distance that does not allow you to react in case of trouble instantly.

Ultimately, I want to say that The Wretched is a worthy spectacle, which will not be difficult to occupy our attention and intrigue with its rich history.

The Queen of Black Magic (Ratu Ilmu Hitam) 2019 

scary movies about witches
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IMDb 6.5. Director Kimo Stamboel, stars Ario Bayu, Hannah Al Rashid and Adhisty Zara

An absolutely frostbitten Indonesian horror film. In general, Indonesians know a lot about cruelty, but it turns out that they are also competent in the horror genre.

The Queen of Black Magic tells about a grown-up orphanage who, together with his family (wife, two sons, and daughter) and friends, decides to visit the dying director of the orphanage where he grew up. 

However, on the way, the man first knocks down the girl, then finds a whole bus with dead children in the grass. Later in the shelter, he encounters a witch who will not let anyone go alive.

The picture is over an hour and a half, but the concentration of horror and the density of events in it is so high that it would be enough for a dozen horror films.

All this narrative is flavored with a high-quality atmosphere of a lonely shelter, which even has some grandeur, but at the same time, cannot but cause the impression of something completely uncomfortable.

The result is an Asian horror film with creepy moments and a dark atmosphere.

Pyewacket, 2017

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IMDb 5.7. Directed by Adam MacDonald, it stars Laurie Holden, Chloe Rose, Nicole Munoz

This independent project about the consequences of teenage temper is the second feature film by Adam MacDonald. The plot tells about a young girl who, along with her friends, is interested in the occult.

Until some time, the teenager had a happy family, but then her father died, and her mother withdrew into herself. Finally, constant showdowns and scandals bring the situation in the house to a boiling point. And soon the angry heroine goes into the forest and summons a familiar spirit to kill her mother.

The next day, the woman sincerely apologizes to her daughter, but some unknown evil entity has already entered their house. 

The film has a good story that is correctly told. In addition, there is acceptable acting and appropriate musical accompaniment.

This interesting low-budget teen mystical horror movie will help you pass the evening and get a little scared. It is the case when the film does not need to look for logic or artistic value.

Verdict: Pyewacket is a solid mystery story with a strong ending that could have been even better if it had been at least 15-20 minutes longer. But what is, is.

Moloch, 2022.

scary movies about witches
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IMDb 6.0 Directed by Nico van den Brink, starring Sallie Harmsen, Alexandre Willaume and Anneke Blok

It is a unique national folk horror destined to go down in history as one of the creepiest horror films in the Netherlands.

In 1991, as a little girl, Betrik became an unwitting witness to the strange death of her grandmother and, out of fear, forgot the details. Thirty years later, she is a single mother with an unhappy personal life, living in her father’s house with her elderly mother and father. 

When excavations begin in the local swamps, and well-preserved bodies of women are found, one of the members of the archaeological group breaks into Betrik’s house and attacks her mother with a knife.

Nico van den Brink has created a very atmospheric and mesmerizing film that, in my opinion, looks much deeper and more interesting than most modern horror films. Putting maximum emphasis on the atmosphere of potential threat, tension, and a growing sense of unease, coupled with the excellent cinematography of Emo Wemhoff.

It is impossible not to mention a fascinating story with powerful mythology.

You will like this film if you love mysticism, folklore, and Scandinavia. I highly recommend it to those who miss the logical plot.

scary movies about witches
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Final words.

So our sheet of scary movies about witches has come to an end.

Naturally, everyone has their favorite movie. I will be thrilled if, in the comments, you write your best-loved pictures with a witch as the main character. 

Share this blog post if you enjoyed it. I would really appreciate it!

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  • What a great list of witch movies – I’ve only seen a few of these. Will be keeping this list the next time I feel like curling up with some popcorn and watching some scary movies!

  • You’re so amazing to create this list. I always appreciate when people suggest good movies and provide strong reviews. Didn’t realize there were some many witch movies. While I’m not a fan of being scared will have to check it out. Great post!

  • The Blair Witch is the only one out of all of these that I’ve seen. But I love the look of The wretched! I’ll have to take an evening and power through some of these.

  • Although scary movies isn’t really my thing – my niece loves them! I’ll be sending her this list of witch movies. She will really enjoy them!

  • There isn’t anything good about horror/scary movies! You are opening up your mind to a long-life trauma, depression, and anxiety.

    • Yes, it can happen too. Thank you for your opinion. For me, there are still benefits in scary movies.

  • I have a fascination with the Salem Witch Trials because I may have an ancestor or two that was accused of being a witch in Andover (near Salem, and actually the witch trials were worse there from what I’ve been told.) Thankfully I don’t think any of my ancestors were hanged, but I did watch the Salem Witch Trial movie with Kirsty Ally. I was pleasantly surprised that Shirley McLain was in it also! Thanks for sharing this list.

  • Aaahhh yyyyeeesssss….you’ve taken me back in time to the days I enjoyed watching season 1 of Penny Dreadful! It scared me all the time but couldn’t get enough of it.

  • Those are some wonderful selections of scary movies about witches to keep in mind. I absolutely love horror movies, especially about the supernatural like witches, vampires, werewolves, etc. I’ve seen some of these already and definitely check out those I didn’t yet.

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I`m in love with movies and psychology. Here I write how we can use movies for healing and self-growth. Also, be sure to check out my movie lists. You will find cool suggestions for movie night.

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