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10 Enjoyable TV Shows About Luxury Lifestyle.

tv shows about luxury lifestyle
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This summer, the most popular article on my blog is a selection of the best movies with luxury lifestyle.

Ah, what a sweet life of the rich! But is everything so calm and easy in the realm of big finance?

Today I have collected fascinating TV shows about luxury lifestyle that allow you to look through the keyhole and learn about the darkest secrets of the elite, the British aristocracy, and the wealthy families of Europe.

Yachts and Diamonds: 10 series about rich families.

Succession 2018-2023.

tv shows about luxury lifestyle
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Are you a predator or a softie?

I think this is one of the most amazing series of recent years. It is a gripping saga about a fictional American media mogul family led by Roy Logan. Wealth, yachts, planes, etc. It is just the way we like it. 

But who will get it?

The fact is that Roy is rapidly aging, and he needs to decide which of the children to transfer the empire to. But the children are all like a selection – one is more disgusting than the other.

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Everyone wants to snatch a more significant piece of the inheritance and is ready to cut the throats of competitors, even if they are his relatives. There are no positive characters here, everyone causes rejection, but at the same time, they make you think: how would you behave in their place?

Those who are interested in child-parent relationships will love this series too. Watch middle son Kendall struggle to prove to his father what he can do to get praise from his father. But the beauty is that the father does not need an ordinary good man. The father respects only people like himself – predatory businessmen ready to do anything for the sake of the goal.

So who will get the money?

The Royals 2015-2018.

tv shows about luxury lifestyle
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Intrigues in the royal family.

Well, we love to look out the window and stare at the private lives of famous people, especially the royal family! This series is for those who like everything to be expensive and bright. The massive royal palace opens its front doors to lovers of luxury lifestyle.

This show was made without claiming historical accuracy. It’s just another look at what royal clans are like.

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So, the series tells us about the other side of the coin called ‘power.’ These people have expensive yachts, magnificent palaces, designer clothes and luxury cars. But even the greats of this world have many problems: depression, drugs, issues with alcohol and a mania to keep everything under control. 

Like all people, they tend to make mistakes. And then the whole world learns about their failures by reading the ‘yellow press.’ It’s hard to live when everyone knows you’re a loser with daddy’s money.

Pay attention to a couple of Alexandra Park and Tom Austin. This burning tandem undoubtedly attracts the viewer’s attention, and they do it this way with a spark that you will definitely feel.

Trust 2018.

tv shows about luxury lifestyle
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Tv series about a very rich grandpa. 

Trust tells a real story that happened to a very wealthy family in 1973. Then in Rome, the heir to the Getty Oil campaign was kidnapped. The family had to unfasten a fabulous sum of money to the mafia for John Paul Getty to be released. But the boy’s life was not so important for his family.

Imagine the famous grandfather refused to pay even a cent of the ransom. The father, being permanently under drugs, could not make adequate decisions. Only his mother entered the struggle for the fate of John. It is what happens to the rich…

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Trust is an absolute visual delight: endless fields of sunflowers are replaced by short dark shots, and the characters wear outfits from formal suits to colorful hippie t-shirts and beautiful music by Pink Floyd and David Bowie.

The series has a good cast, but I want to mention Donald Sutherland. He creates a poisonous flavor of the bile old man, literally on the spot.

Rivera 2017-2020.

tv shows about luxury lifestyle
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About the difficult glamorous life without a husband.

Georgina is a professional art curator with a knack for building outstanding art collections. During the auction, she meets the famous billionaire Konstantin. He asks Georgina to work for him and falls in love with her.

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After only a year of happy marriage, Konstantin is found dead after a mysterious explosion on a yacht. The bloody wrong side of murders, lies, and betrayals destroys the gloss from fabulous everyday life. Now the widow will have to understand what laws the world of the elite obeys and also learn how to survive in it.

In fact, we have a very expensive soap opera with sex, violence and beautiful scenery of the South of France. Julia Stiles’ partner on the set was Ivan Rheon, which will certainly delight fans of Game of Thrones and Misfits.

Big Little Lies 2017-2019.

tv shows about luxury lifestyle
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Big little girls.

A charity event at an elite school is rocked by murder. The name of the killer is unknown. Viewers are transported back a few months to discover what circumstances led to the tragedy.

The series is about how, behind the facade of a pretty prosperous life in a prestigious area on the coast, different secrets are hidden in every house. Cheating, misunderstanding, indifference, violence – in general, everything is like with ordinary people.

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You can watch Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, Zoe Kravitz, and Shailene Woodley endlessly, as well as the collapse of their marriages. It’s almost like spying on the lives of your neighbors through the fence, thinking: “Well, everything is not so bad with me!”

Also, this series will conquer many with good soundtracks. The songs Cold Little Heart and The Wonder of You have firmly settled into my playlist.

Bridgerton 2020.

tv shows about luxury lifestyle
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To all Jane Austen fans.

It is the story of eight close-knit brothers and sisters of the influential Bridgerton family trying to find love.

This Netflix hit captivated me from the first few minutes. It is the soap opera where cute flirtatiousness goes hand in hand with Fifty Shades of Grey-esque scenes. For all the absurdity of what is happening on the screen, the Bridgertons should be given their due.

Firstly, the creators launched the action in London, where complete racial equality reigns. Secondly, the series has an incredible soundtrack of modern hits that sound at balls performed by an authentic orchestra. Thirdly, the Bridgertons in the entourage of the 19th Century speak of topical issues of our time – the emancipation of women and the lack of sex education. 

And let’s be honest, Bridgerton is an absolute guilty pleasure. After all, it’s just a beautiful story. And it is just a stunningly beautiful fairy tale in the second season.

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Anthony and Kate is a new canon love story. The cinema did not give us such magical couples for a long time! Here, everything is in its place. We see two strong, intelligent, mature characters and understand perfectly why they fell in love with each other. 

You see their torment, the struggle of reason, feelings, and duty, the birth of love, and the inability to resist it anymore, and all this is conveyed so sensually, nuanced, and subtle, at the level of sighs, glances, and touches. In general, a complete delight!

At the same time, there is no vulgarity or cheap erotica in the first season. And even the long-awaited 18+ scene was filmed so aesthetically! In my opinion, it is one of the most beautiful in cinema history.

There are some ideas Bridgerton party ideas for all admired of this serial.

Élite 2018-.

tv shows about luxury lifestyle
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Spanish serial with stunning actors.

The prestigious Spanish school “Las Enchinas” enrolls children from the wealthiest families in the country. The spoiled teenagers were shocked when three poor teens entered the school under the new program. 

Bullying doesn’t last forever because newcomers are not as easy as they seem. The guys assimilate and start playing by the rules of the local elite. And the rules here are simple: sex, drugs, parties and … murder.

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Elite is a hit for young audiences, with handsome actors and sensual scenes. Similar to Euphoria HBO: a little less ingenious in editing, but head and shoulders above it in frankness. In addition to love experiences and family problems, each season reveals the details of one crime.

Camera work, soundtracks, and scenery perfectly complement the atmosphere of a prosperous life.

At the same time, the series raises many questions: polygamous and homosexual relationships, Islam in the modern world, life with HIV infection, drugs, criminalized elite, class division, and inequality in society.

The series was so successful that just 12 days after its release, Netflix ordered season 2.

The Trial of Christine Keeler 2019-2020.

tv shows about luxury lifestyle
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About the romance of men in power with young and poor girl.

In the mini-series The Case of Christine Keeler, you will learn about the political scandal that rocked the UK in the 1960s. It led to the collapse of several brilliant careers, one suicide, and the resignation of the entire British government.

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Unlike the real story, in which British Defense Minister John Profumo and Soviet diplomat Yevgeny Ivanov were at the forefront, the series is narrated from the perspective of the youngest participant in the scandal, 19-year-old dancer Christine Keeler, who was in an intimate relationship with both gentlemen. The newspapers made her the main villain, and this story haunted her for the rest of her life. Now, the BBC has invited its viewers to look at the Profumo Case from Christine’s point of view.

Scandals, intrigues, and investigations based on a true story are win-win options for great films.

Dynasty 2017-2022.

tv shows about luxury lifestyle
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Luxury and intrigue in one bottle.

Did you miss stories from the Upper East Side? Do you need more insidious showdowns and secrets of a wealthy family? Welcome to the new series Dynasty.

Based on the 1980s television project of the same name, the series centers on the confrontation between an oil heiress and her new stepmother. The daughter of a wealthy businessman cannot agree with her father’s decision to leave the whole empire to his new wife. A merciless war is unfolding over the legacy of the oil tycoon. Dynasty once again proves that the flavor of bohemian life is always combined with endless intrigues and manipulations.

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I fell in love with this series from the first frame! It is just a paradise for women’s eyes! Gorgeous outfits, beautiful interior, mesmerizing landscapes. It is an adorable picture and the actors of Dynasty are talented and beautiful. 

I highly recommend the new Dynasty to Desperate Housewives and Devious Maids fans. I am sure you, dear viewers, will like Dynasty in a new interpretation.

Made for Love 2021 2022.

tv shows about luxury lifestyle
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For conspiracy lovers.

Do you dream of marrying a millionaire? Wait, I will tell you how this can end.

Hazel’s life was not sugar until she met Byron, who opened all doors for her. Then she learns that her husband implanted a high-tech tracking device into her brain. This device allows him to track her location, watch her and even see her feelings. The woman goes on the run, unable to live with him anymore.

I think all the fears of modern people are collected here: chips implanted in the head, control over people, powerful corporations headed by leaders deprived of humanity, obsessed with crazy ideas. 

Of course, the theme of inalienable human rights, particularly the freedom to manage oneself and one’s life, runs like a red thread throughout the entire series.

tv shows about luxury lifestyle
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Oh, I think it was the great selection. Did you choose a new tv show to start watching this weekend?

Share this blog post if you enjoyed it. I would really appreciate it!

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  • These shows sound wonderful! I’ve seen the first season of Bridgerton since I’ve read all the books, but I need to go on with the other seasons. I want to watch Big Little Lies too since I’ve read the book as well and it would be nice to see how they adapted it to screen. Thank you for sharing these shows.

  • I loved Succession. Sometimes I would say aloud “Did they just say that”! Haha it also gave me a good laugh. Some of the characters were so naughty. Thanks for sharing!

  • I’ve been looking for a new show to watch and now I have a few to check out! Thank you for posting these tv series about luxury. I have heard of some of these but thanks to your description I’m really interested in starting them! The Trial of Christine Keeler sounds really interesting.

  • This list came at the right moment for me. I just finished the last episodes of elite (which I really loved), so will definitely look into the other ones you mention.

  • Such a great list of shows! I loved Big Little Lies. I’ve heard great things about Succession, might be my next binge. I watched a few episodes of Riviera and loved it. You reminded me of the show as I have no idea why I stopped watching it. I really enjoy Julia Stiles.

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I`m in love with movies and psychology. Here I write how we can use movies for healing and self-growth. Also, be sure to check out my movie lists. You will find cool suggestions for movie night.

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