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10 Best Films if You Want to Change Something in Your Life.

movies about life changing experiences
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Sometimes, life stands still, but deciding to make changes is difficult. In such moments, inspiring films can be a great help. The heroes are excellent examples of self-confidence and fortitude.

Therefore, choose a tape to watch in the evening, giving you a bright and exciting picture and motivating you to change your life. I have prepared a list of 10 movies about life changing experiences. 

Movies about change and growth.

13 Going on 30, 2004.

Jenna is only 13, and she really wants to get big. Her wish goes to the right address, and in the morning, she wakes up… as a 30-year-old beauty.

The ending of the film brought me to tears. Such films allow us to plunge into a fairy tale, dream, and return to the past when we felt good. Everything is possible. But for this, you need to try it yourself.

Why is it worth watching?

In the end, I want to say that the film 13 Going on 30 is a little naive but sincere and interesting family comedy. The film teaches that you have to achieve everything yourself. That everything has its time. And that puberty is a significant period in our lives that should never be missed.

Yes Man, 2008.

Carl Allen is unsociable, always accustomed to answering “no” to everyone. One day, he decided to change his life radically. Now, Carl only says “Yes” and does not refuse anyone. He begins to feel life and enjoy it. However, a new life brings new problems.

When I left the cinema after watching this film, it was pretty cold outside, but I didn’t notice it, because my heart was cheerful and warm. I think this feeling is worth watching this movie.

Why is it worth watching?

Carl is not the only person on Earth who does not answer the phone, avoids contact, dreams, and does not realize his dreams. In this guy, we recognize ourselves or our loved ones.

 When we are open to the world, troubles may happen, but we are ready for victories, love, happiness, and communication – everything that makes every moment of life fulfilling.

The Family Man, 2000

Fate presents Jack with a difficult choice. He can be the president of an investment company, live in a luxury apartment, drive the latest Ferrari, and remain a bachelor. Or he can become a family man but work as a tire salesman, buy clothes in a supermarket, and drive a minivan. It is an interesting choice that many of us would like to have. Isn’t it?

The Family Man is a shining example of how to make good, bright, festive films about Christmas. After this film, you will look at your partner and think it is so good you are near me!

Why is it worth watching?

The main character’s life is so moralizing and revealing that you involuntarily identify it with yourself. Of course, this film promotes family values, but many of us need such reminders occasionally. A mate who will support you in difficult times. Children who will fill your life with bright moments. 

The Change-Up, 16+ 2017

In his free time, Mitch seduces beauties, smokes weed and goes to baseball games. And he has more than enough free time! In turn, things are going much less briskly for Dave: family and work are all he has. At first, both heroes look self-sufficient but not happy. Body swapping will teach them to value their own lives and not covet someone else’s.

The Change-Up is a movie for adults, and you have to get used to it from the first minute. It is accompanied by some nudity, jokes below the belt, and sometimes immoral behavior of the characters. But for the most part, this combination looks harmonious, although vulgar.

Why is it worth watching?

I think the film has fascinating dialogues. There is an ease of delivering clever lines in this picture. Someone may find something special for themselves here. The film is more for fans of the genre and mood.

The Fundamentals of Caring, 2015.

When you start watching The Fundamentals of Caringyou will probably think you have already seen this somewhere. A loser who decides to start over from scratch becomes a nanny for a person with disabilities and not the most pleasant character. The plot is simple and familiar. Surprisingly, however, The Fundamentals of Caring looks like a completely independent story with every right to exist.

Craig Robert deserves a round of applause!!! The way he showed us Trevor, a teenager with an incurable disease – Duchenne muscular dystrophy. Trevor accepted his illness and decided to fulfill his dream, leave home, leave his comfort zone, and go on a journey.

With all this, The Fundamentals of Caring is not a sad drama in the usual sense. The film has a lot of humor; overall, the picture can be considered life-affirming. Although, of course, there is still no escape from a particular touch of melancholy.

Why is it worth watching?

There are no typical snivels about how life is terrible, and you don’t want to live at all. Everything is in moderation. Behind good humor, grave questions are raised about fathers and children, relationships, self-acceptance, the ability not to run away from problems but to solve them, acceptance of one’s life, and the ability to enjoy it. I won’t say anything more about the plot and the film, because you just have to watch it.

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, 2013.

It is one of my best-loved movies about life-changing experiences. Walter Mitty works in the illustration department of Life magazine, and he doesn’t particularly like what he does. But Walter knows how to be carried away in his dreams into unknown distances. He was already an astronaut, an irresistible macho, a traveler. Now, Walter dreams of Cheryl Melhoff, a new employee with whom he is in love. Walter Mitty will have an exciting journey to the Himalayas, Greenland and Iceland. Moreover, this is a completely real adventure and not fiction.

It is the incredible camera work combined with the mesmerizing landscapes of Iceland, Greenland, and the Himalayas, captured on a DSLR film camera, and the applied “green” filter, that creates this indescribable atmosphere of a picture that comes to life before our eyes.

Why is it worth watching?

Who said that great dreams cannot live in the heart of a little person? Take the example of Walter Mitty, who, being a simple worker with an unremarkable biography, risked going on a grand journey that once and for all changed his destiny.

Billy Elliot, 18+ 2000.

What a touching and inspirational picture! Eleven-year-old Billy Elliot dreams of becoming a ballet dancer. But his father and older brother are miners, and they do not doubt that the boy can only be interested in boxing. Billy does not give up, showing miracles of resourcefulness and perseverance. With the support of his teacher, Mrs. Wilkinson, the boy finally gets a chance to enroll in ballet school.

The action develops dynamically, and events are exciting from the first minutes. It is interesting to observe the problematic relationships in the family. It is a positive, clean and deep film.

Why is it worth watching?

Who are you? Economist, accountant, manager… Who are you? Who resigned himself, bit his lip, was in tears, and missed the chance, betraying the Dream…

Billy Elliot is all of us once upon a time. This film is a mirror of our hopes and dreams. My heart hurts; the film hooked me so much. It has courage, anger, hopelessness, embarrassment, pity and hope.

I mentioned Billy Elliot in another list of my favorite 19 movies about life purpose based on a true story.

Jeff, Who Lives at Home, 16+ 2011.

The story is about Jeff, who doesn’t work anywhere and lives in his mother’s basement. He lies on the couch all day long, looking for the secret meaning in Hollywood blockbusters. Jeff awaits a special sign – an action signal to change his life. And then, one day, the long-awaited insight came to him: someone called the phone and asked for a guy named Kevin.

Why is it worth watching the film?

Watching such films is helpful, and they are like therapy. Jeff, Who Lives at Home will give the right emotions that make you want to see your parents, renovate your apartment, just take a walk, and find unexpected turns in fate.

The film shows the climax, which changes the heroes’ lives. If only you are ready for changes, you crave them, let yourself blindly believe and follow the signs of fate.

Wild Rose, 2018.

The aspiring country singer and single mother’s stage dreams are clouded by the fact that she has just gotten out of prison. The heroine is forced to reassemble her life piece by piece, constantly maneuvering between dreams and duty.

I’m not a fan of country music, but the film first caught my attention because of the song’s soulful performance by the outstanding actress Jessie Buckley, who is similar to Suzi Quatro.

Why is it worth watching the film?

Even in a seemingly hopeless situation, you should look for opportunities to realize and achieve your goal. Throughout the film, the heroine faces adult problems but ends with victory over her tossing, not without the enormous help of a loving mother and some luck.

The Greatest Showman, 2017.

The film will show the ups and downs of the legendary Phineas Barnum, who became famous in the USA with his circus. So, choose The Greatest Showman if you’re looking for a motivational movie the whole family can watch. This film will amaze both adults and children.

The opening track in the film can be listened to again and again; the emotions on Hugh Jackman’s face very convincingly show with his soul and heart, his dream is fulfilled in the circus arena.

Why is it worth watching?

This musical explores several themes: paradise in a hut, loyalty, or dreams fulfilled.

And, of course, the film has another powerful message. No matter what you are or how different you are from the bulk of people, this should not instill in you the idea that you are worse than others. Or perhaps your flaw is your strength.

I definitely recommend watching it.

movies about life changing experiences
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Final words.

These beautiful films prove there is no need to fear change. After all, everything that is done is for the better.

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I`m in love with movies and psychology. Here I write how we can use movies for healing and self-growth. Also, be sure to check out my movie lists. You will find cool suggestions for movie night.

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I`m in love with movies and psychology. Here I write how we can use movies for healing and self-growth. Also, be sure to check out my movie lists. You will find cool suggestions for movie night.

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