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Oh, My Blog: Best Movies About Bloggers.

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The Internet has changed our lives. Today everyone can share their recipe, story, and innermost thoughts. Blogs on various platforms have replaced guidebooks, cookbooks, and even textbooks for us.

Blogging is rapidly transforming from entertainment and personal expression into a popular business. I have prepared a list of movies about bloggers and their lives every blogger can relate to.

This movie list will not leave indifferent those who want to try themselves in this exciting and profitable career. After all, the pictures will show you the shadow side of blogging.

Social media in movies.   

Ingrid Goes West, 2017.

Ingrid is obsessed with her idol Taylor on social media. Because of this, she moves to Los Angeles and does her best to make friends with a girl.

Surprisingly, the film announced as a comedy about a hysterical girl, turned out to be a sharp social picture of one of the most pressing topics of modern society – the Internet. In one scene, Ingrid sneaks into a Halloween party dressed as a ghost to charge her phone without being noticed. This delicately presented scene fully embodies the main issue – people living in the network are invisible in real life. They have nothing to offer the outside world because they are not ready to interact with ordinary people who do not live the beautiful life they want.

We see a drama about people for whom the sound of an Instagram notification has become the soundtrack of life, and their best friends are those they have never seen in real life.

Sweat, 2021.

Sylwia is a fitness guru and famous blogger with 600k followers. At the same time, in reality, the heroine feels lonely and dreams of a loving partner. Once, she created a sincere video about her feelings on her page. The post goes viral, but Sylwia has a stalker. Now the main character needs to become as invisible as possible, but this is unrealistic for her!

The film’s premise is apparent: the creators are pitting an online life and virtual friends against the loneliness of reality. The scene where the heroine meets her mother at a birthday party makes it clear that the parent has always been emotionally distant from Sylwia but simultaneously very demanding. It is partly why the girl went into social networks, where she finally feels genuine joy.

Director Magnus von Horn has achieved what few can – to capture the modern phenomenon of “the fragmented self.”

Julie & Julia, 2009.

I think it is the most famous movie about bloggers. The film tells about two women united by one passion – cooking. Julia Child lives in 1950s Paris and is on her way to becoming an outstanding chef. She does not even realize that she will write an absolute culinary bestseller, which in 50 years will brighten up the life of young journalist Julie Powell.

Julie ambitiously decides to cook 524 dishes from Julia Child’s book in a year to take her mind off the grind. She describes her successes in detail in a blog that is becoming wildly popular. What a brilliant idea! 

Without a doubt, Julia & Julia is an ideal dream about a perfect blogging career. 

Tragedy Girls, 2017.

The plot of the film is very similar to Scream 4. Tragedy Girls’ motto: “To become famous, you don’t have to invent anything. You just need to get into trouble.”

Two classmates run a page on the social network where they talk about the antics of a maniac who has appeared in their city. In truth, they are the serial killers themselves. And all because, according to the heroines, this is how you can get an excellent post reach rate. 

This tape balances on the verge of horror and black comedy. The director creates both wholly charming and insane heroines ready for anything to have their accounts viewed as often as possible. Also, Tragedy Girls is an example of a «trash movie,» but you will watch it to the end because the events are fast and interesting.

It seems to me that the film would turn out to be much more interesting if the director tried to make not a comedic horror but a psychological thriller about growing up and becoming girls as sophisticated killers. The main characters are not stupid schoolgirls but very cold and prudent killers; their actions are organized and thoughtful, and they are not prone to pity.

Eight Grade, 2018.

Kayla Day is an eighth-grader going through a difficult period of growing up. She blogs on YouTube and helps teen viewers overcome adversity, build self-esteem and be more confident.

However, in life, Kayla is not at all what she appears in the commercials. The insecure girl does not have many friends, and the only feeling that haunts her is the feeling of uselessness to the world around her. Kayla hopes that her life will change dramatically after the end of the eighth grade.

For me, this movie is a commentary on a modern society obsessed with social media representation that quietly descends into hypocrisy and self-deception.

Selfie, 2014 series.

Eliza Dooley is an image-obsessed beauty. She has 263,000 followers who follow her every move, but she has no real friends at all. She wants to improve her life and turns to Henry for help. This guy is a real pro at marketing, and he will definitely teach Eliza how to please people.

The series is generally light and enjoyable, and I watched it in one breath. It’s a pity that Selfie was not appreciated. 

Mainstream, 2020.

It is one of my most beloved films about blogging. Frankie, who dreams of feats in art, but is forced to work as a waitress, meets a crazy guy named Link. The girl writes down his impromptu manifesto about painting and uploads it to YouTube. The video quickly becomes popular, and the characters turn into the main counterculturists of the generation. Still, their growing fame quickly turns them into those they could not stand until recently.

Mainstream is a film about the rise of YouTube industry stars who turn from adventurers into like-addicted trash content creators. The story, created and directed by Gia Coppola, is not so much about the absurdity of Internet popularity but about the deformation of the human personality in search of the masses’ approval.

This film offers one of the most sober stories – even the most original and daring authors eventually sell out and become part of the mainstream.

The last three pictures are great documentaries.

Jawline, 2019.

The plot is two parallel stories. Austyn has an oppressed life in the province; he lives with his brother and mother. And a successful manager from Los Angeles who turns cute streamers into superstars for many years. To escape poverty and help the family, Austyn is persistently developing his TikTok. But he can’t do it alone. After all, this is a complex business. But the demand for people like Austin is excellent. 

The film dives into the behind-the-scenes life of rising live television stars and opens your eyes to the realities of teenage social media stardom. It is impossible to tear yourself away from the spectacle that seems ordinary at first glance.

The Story of Content: Rise of the New Marketing 2015.

A documentary about the side of the world of influencers that often remains in the shadows. How do content creators actually impact business, and not vice versa? Representatives of the world’s largest brands, like Red Bull, Kraft, and Marriott, talk about the modern evolution of content marketing.

We Live in Public, 2009.

movies about bloggers
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The documentary shows us the daily life of a blogger with all the realism. Once, Josh Harris initiated an unprecedented experiment. More than a hundred artists settled in an underground bunker in the center of New York were filming everything that happened to them around the clock.

This project was soon closed, but Harris decided not to stop there. This time, he decided to become the subject of an experiment by convincing his fiancée to put cameras around the house. This bold experiment ended sadly for Harris – he broke up with his fiancee, lost most of his fortune, and left New York. Director Ondi Timoner has been following the fate of Harris for a long time – the result was this picture, watching which every viewer can feel like Big Brother.

If you want to see more movies about social media addiction – check out my Fall 2022 review. The film is about the story of what can be done to get your post viral.

movies about bloggers
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Final words.

In these funny and sad films, I saw myself many times. It seems to me that blogging is impossible without pursuing popularity. But what price do we pay for it?

Did you like the films from this collection? What movies did you choose to watch?

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I`m in love with movies and psychology. Here I write how we can use movies for healing and self-growth. Also, be sure to check out my movie lists. You will find cool suggestions for movie night.

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I`m in love with movies and psychology. Here I write how we can use movies for healing and self-growth. Also, be sure to check out my movie lists. You will find cool suggestions for movie night.

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