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Best Sensual Movies For A Hot Date Night.

best sensual movies
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Today, I have prepared for you more than 10 sensual movies. In these stories, the attraction between the characters is such that it is impossible to resist. These films don’t necessarily have erotic scenes, but the atmosphere is electric.

Watch alone or leave it for an evening with a loved one – it’s up to you. All movies are R-rated ( 18+).

My favorite steamy movies.

9½ Weeks, 1986.

Let’s start with the film that many loving couples turn to to light the fire. I appreciate 9½ Weeks for its beautiful portrayal of erotica.  

The young Mickey Rourke and Kim Basinger are phemonenal. White disheveled curls and red lipstick of the heroine and a piercing gaze with a mysterious smile of her seducer.

John and Elizabeth’s relationship is full of passion. You will see Kim Basinger dances a striptease in black silk stockings, then goosebumps run across her skin from a fallen cold drop. John ties a soft white bandage over her eyes; you see a kiss in the rain and drops of honey on the heroine’s thighs.

I believe this film has everything for aesthetic pleasure and flights of fancy. And I have 9½ Weeks movie review on my blog.

Wild Orchid, 1989.

Mickey Rourke and Carre Otis show us what passion can do for almost two hours. And if, for the inexperienced heroine, everything that happens seems real and honest, James, mired in sins, perceives their romance as just another sensual pampering. Will his cynical heart resist the power of their love?

Mickey Rourke’s performance is simply speechless. What eyes and smile! Carre Otis is also incredibly good. There is none of the usual pretentiousness and vulgarity here. Every intimate scene is beautiful and meaningful. I am sure that Wild Orchid will remain in your memory.

The Dreamers, 2003.

It is an incredibly atmospheric film that introduced Eva Green to the world. The story is about three young people who discover a sea of unprecedented joys. And while the world is engulfed in turmoil and revolutionary ideas, the heroes live in a modest apartment, make love and realize all their most frank desires.

I love this film! The characters are unforgettable in their wild, unrestrained, and irresponsible youth. Eva Green’s first role was the most revealing in her career and turned out to be the best.

The Lover, 1992.

30s. Hot Saigon. A handsome, rich, sophisticated Chinese man meets a young French woman. She is fifteen years old. Their love is under a parental ban. But such an ” empire of feelings,” captivating and durable, cannot be destroyed by anyone.

His kisses are so delightful, his skin is so soft, and everything they do in the dimness of the room is so delightful… But everything comes to an end.

Believe me, there is nothing unnecessary, vulgar or ugly in this film. And every time I watch this masterpiece, it touches me even more. Definitely, it is one of the best hot movies.

Lust, Caution, 2007.

We are transported to Shanghai during the Second World War. You plunge into the epicenter of political intrigue, are saturated with the smell of tobacco, and catch the lust-filled glances that Mr. Yee throws at his wife’s friend. The tension is rising. The young temptress’s kimono will burst at the seams when it reaches the final point. Great. It is exactly what she wanted.

My friends, it was incredible. I can’t say what moved the main characters to fatal actions: was it either passion or, despite everything, hatred… Or maybe it was true love? It’s these same gaps that make the picture so unique.

Original Sin, 2001.

He was so afraid that his pen pal would fall in love not with him but with his wallet that he lied about his income. She was so worried that he wouldn’t be able to see the personality behind the pretty face that she sent him someone else’s photo. The deception was quickly forgotten; they got married and lived happily. But it was in vain that the Cuban merchant trusted the beautiful American so quickly. What if the beauty lied to him more than once? What if she continues to do this?

In this film, the stunning magnetism of Angelina Jolie opens up like a bud of a scarlet rose and envelops you with its aroma and beauty. The actress appears here simultaneously in two forms – an angel and a demon. Banderas is also good; he departs from his usual role of a criminal macho.

Love is shown very subtly and truthfully. And one thing remains – to envy such emotions and pronounce a verdict – “Super!”

Curiosa, 2019.

Two men are in love with the same woman. Marie is a charming wife and a very passionate girl. Pierre understands this and steals the girl’s attention from Henri, her boring husband.

Who better than the French to shoot a sensual melodrama about seething passion in a historical era? Along the way, we will enjoy the aesthetics of the 19th century, immersing ourselves in the local interior and costumes.

I was delighted with the colors and beautifully composed frames. Curiosa is made for lovers of aesthetic pleasure and natural beauty.

Bitter Moon, 1992.

It all began as thousands of times before. In hot Paris, an aging writer is not taking his eyes off the angelic face. Just look at her: red dress with polka dots, hair falling over her shoulders in a swallowtail, her lips the color of ripe strawberries, this look of a wild doe. It drove him crazy on the morning bus in the city center. The unexpected love of the middle-aged man Oscar for the young beauty Mimi flared up beautifully and romantically.

They were not interested in romance and sublime love – they wanted to explore their passion. I would like to mention Emmanuelle Seigner especially. She is such a beauty – she could blow anyone’s head off. I watched this tape in one breath – very high-quality work. 

The Scarlet Letter, 1995.

You will see the story of forbidden love in 17th century America between the beautiful Hester and the Reverend Arthur. The lovers are opposed by strict Puritan morals, especially by the fact that Esther is married, although she considers her husband to have died on the way to the colony.

When her extramarital affairs are revealed, Hester resolutely refuses to betray her lover and is sentenced forever to wear the scarlet letter A on her chest – the “stamp” of adultery. For a little over two hours, I almost couldn’t breathe, watching what was happening! The heroes are magnificent in their feelings, emotions, and actions.

If you are curious about this story, check out my The Thorn Birds movie review.

Fasten Your Seatbelts, 2014.

The heroine dates a sweet, charming guy but meets Antonio and loses her head in love. Antonio is an ambiguous man. The relationship with him is a steep roller coaster, and Elena doesn’t seem to mind riding without a seat belt. Still, for comfort, she also needs a reliable friend and interlocutor whom she finds in her work partner Fabio. 

Despite the apparent transparency of the plot, this is not the story of a love triangle. Life will shake Elena so much that matters of the heart will fade into the background.

Under the beautiful soundtrack from Pasquale Catalano, you will begin to empathize with the beautiful Elena and the rude Antonio. What else is needed to call a film about love a success?

Two Moon Junction, 1988.

Young and charming April lives in a wonderful fairy tale – noble parents, a luxurious house, a millionaire grandmother, and a respectable groom from a wealthy aristocratic family. In high society, they are considered an ideal couple. But she is missing something. A meeting with carpenter Peri changes her whole life. The girl discovers true passion and stops thinking about her upcoming marriage.

This film is already 36 years old but still gives me goosebumps and takes my breath away. It breathes passion, but it has no vulgarity; it’s just a masterpiece! Sherilyn Fenn’s performance is beyond praise.

The film has lovely music. It complements and reveals every episode. From the first minute of viewing, you can feel some atmosphere of feelings. And it’s like a snowball growing and getting bigger and bigger.

365 Days, 2020.

Massimo Toricelli is the handsome young boss of a Sicilian mafia family. Laura Biel is the director of sales at a luxury hotel. She is building a career, but in her personal life, she needs more passion. Laura makes a last attempt to save the relationship – together with her fiancé and friends, she flies to Sicily, where Massimo kidnaps her and gives her 365 days for Laura to love him.

It is another version of the classic story about Beauty and the Beast. Except this story is for adults. In addition to the luxurious Sicilian views and the sea, we have the damn sexy Massimo and the charismatic Laura. It is interesting to watch the confrontation between bright personalities and mutual seduction.

This film has a low rating on ”IMDB”, and the comments are filled with moans about the culture of violence being promoted, toxic masculinity and Stockholm Syndrome. But I am sure that the film will find its audience.

365 Days has two more sequels.


It is a poignant love story. As English soldiers fight in the terrible trenches of northern France, Stephen is haunted by memories of his forbidden love for a French woman.

How beautifully the story between the main characters is told. It’s been a long time since I’ve felt such trembling feelings from what I saw. There is so much chemistry, charm, and minimalism in words while maximalism in feelings! It is one of my favorite sensual movies.

Eddie Redmayne is superb in his roleI believed his every movement, every word and gesture. Complete delight on my part. A must-watch!


Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy – Healing Love or Illusion?

best sensual movies
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Final words.

Our exciting list of steamy pictures has come to an end. I hope you found a film for your next movie date at home.

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I`m in love with movies and psychology. Here I write how we can use movies for healing and self-growth. Also, be sure to check out my movie lists. You will find cool suggestions for movie night.

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I`m in love with movies and psychology. Here I write how we can use movies for healing and self-growth. Also, be sure to check out my movie lists. You will find cool suggestions for movie night.

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